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Amazon’s EC2 Generating 220M+ Annually

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

How Big is Amazon’s EC2?
Big. 40,000 servers. I have independently confirmed this with at least two sources close to EC2. Obviously, I can’t reveal them, but they are personally known to me and reliable. The first source gave me the 40,000 number and the second confirmed that the number is close. At most, we’re talking +/- 10,000 servers, so within 25%, but I’m guessing I’m very close. More like +/- 5K. Regardless, within 25% is more than close enough for us to get a pretty good gauge. For our purposes today we’ll go with the 40K number.

Anatomy of an Amazon EC2 Resource ID

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Each time you allocate a resource using EC2 – an instance, a volume or a snapshot – you receive a unique identifier. This is the EC2 resource ID. Have you ever wondered what this ID represents? Well, I did. After noticing similarities between the IDs of resources requested in close succession, I started digging.